About Us

Where it all began

Bae Greens all started with the love of the planet. We wanted to bring the most nutritional and freshest produce to our family, friends and community in the most sustainable way. Vertical farming allows us to grow in an urban area, as well as harvest, deliver and enjoy on the same day. We believe that microgreens can bring joy and add vibrancy to any dish, along with a list of benefits of adding them to your diet. 


The environment and our impact on it is at the forefront of our operation. Our seeds and soil are 100% certified organic. We do not use any chemicals. One of the challenges we faced was packaging, as this can create a lot of waste. Therefore, the packaging we use is plant-based, compostable, and planet friendly. To also help with our environmental impact is the use of natural sunlight. Our microgreens are exposed to natural sunlight whenever possible, lessening the time of electricity usage.